“The women participated so fully and so movingly – there was laughter but it was light and joyous and they (we) took the ideas totally serious. There was clear commitment and willing participation. All engaged fully and for a few minutes, the real world went away”

– volunteer, women’s refugee group, Leeds

“The residents at our home really enjoy the sessions with Lucy as there’s something different on every visit! Lucy gets them laughing, smiling, dancing and singing and that’s so important to the elderly. Couldn’t thank Lucy enough for the joy, laughter and happiness she’s brought to the residents”

– care home activities coordinator

“I have never done Contemporary Dance before. I am delighted to have an opportunity at this stage in my life, to learn it and practice it and enjoy it. You have made it completely accessible and normal for 50 + to take up such dancing”

– 50+ Contemporary Dance Sheffield participant