Community Practice

Since 2012 I have been working within community dance expanding across a wide range of different dance settings. I am experienced in delivering workshops with groups in inclusive dance settings, I dance with all people from the under 5’s to the over 90’s and I teach dance and drama at primary and secondary education level. In 2014 I traveled to Rajasthan in North East India with a charity called ‘The Create Trust’ where I delivered creative education workshops to children aged 3-17.

I am currently delivering on a 3 year intergenerational project in Sheffield between care homes and primary schools called ‘We Danced’ with Yorkshire Dance and on a nationwide pioneering falls prevention dance programme for older people, called ‘Dance To Health’ combining evidence based physiotherapy with the creativity and energy of dance.

My dance practise combines performance, choreography and community dance and I believe that by keeping a balance of the three, one may inform the other.

” The women participated so fully and so movingly – their reactions to the music, the lightness of touch; none seemed embarrassed or threatened. There was laughter but it was light and joyous and they (we) took the ideas totally serious. There was clear commitment and willing participation. In three years of women’s group, I have rarely seen such concentration and enjoyment of a communal activity. All engaged fully and for a few minutes, the real world went away” – volunteer at a women’s refugee group, Leeds