Our Diana

Our Diana is a tribute – not to Diana, Princess of Wales – but to the endless public opinions and media articles broadcast every week since her death, and how absurd we would find it if these things were said about a normal, everyday dead person. Love or hate her, everyone has something to say about Diana.

Using found text and inspired by genuine tributes, Our Diana imagines a memorial service where all opinions of The People’s Princess held by the British public are allowed to be aired. It is also a show about the British public, online commentary and wanting to feel part of something. How is it that 22 years after her death, this one woman continues to conjure so much emotion amongst the British public? Why do we love, hate, defend, insult, or grieve for famous figures so passionately when we have never met, and probably will never meet them?

Themes of love and obsession, grief and loss, moaning and taking offence,  wit and sarcasm combine here in a quest to understand how her rise to fame & untimely death gripped a nation, became a national obsession and in the process made everyone an expert and a critic when it comes to our princess, Our Diana.

This is a collaboration between Lucy and Sheffield based artist Adele Wragg. Both Lucy and Adele are performance practitioners with backgrounds in dance and have worked together on numerous projects over the last 4 years. Both artists regularly use text and storytelling in their work, and this, combined with a shared sense of humour has led to a collaboration for the first time on co- creating a performance work.