This Is Foreign

What is ‘Foreign’? Is it anything that excludes one’s own? Does a multilingual and multicultural society consist of individual exclusiveness?

This Is Foreign explores how two people navigate the ongoing exchange of different cultures and languages within a relationship. It explores themes of translation, language barriers and verbal and non-verbal communication. The work challenges the perception of ‘foreignness’ and what defines something or someone as foreign and what doesn’t. It asks audiences to reflect on their understanding of barriers in a multilingual and multicultural society.

This was a collaboration between Lucy and her partner Rufino, who is a non trained performer. This film work is a development of previous solo project Ruido. This piece has developed using a process that centres the couples experience and is a two person vision based on own lived personal observation but speaks of the wider socio political context.

This Is Foreign was selected for CAST Theatre’s digital scratch night, with digital mentoring support from Wayne Sables. Created by Lucy in collaboration with Rufino Bolado.

Read blog post of creative process here