Beam is a Granny romance! 

A one-woman show which invites the audience to slow down and share a jelly baby with Granny, an 86 year old with a serious sweet tooth and a love of all things small.

10 pairs of knickers, a leap of faith, a waft of lavender, a blue suit, and true love. True love. Does that even exist anymore? Times are hard, put on your slipper socks and join Granny – she has something sweet to share. Through movement, music, storytelling and multi-sensory interaction, Granny takes you on a journey to past love from a world before.

Based on a true story, Beam is about hope, and is a celebration of the bravery and risks taken by an older generation. It asks the audience to stop asking Google, to slow down and listen, leaving them to question their own capacity to take such risks in the world today.

Created by Lucy in collaboration with writer and theatre maker Heather Morgan, Beam came out of a desire to bring old fashioned silliness back into an increasingly serious world. The piece is inspired by Heather’s own Granny Betty’s story and the characterisation is inspired by Emmy, a lady Lucy spent time with whilst working on an intergenerational project between care homes & primary schools in Sheffield. At the time of making the piece both women were living with dementia.

“Beam is possibly the very definition of a small-scale production, but this particular grandmother deserves to tell her story to as wide an audience as possible”

– John Murphy, Exeunt Magazine (read full review here)

“My face physically hurts from smiling”

“I felt transported with her to her memories and it really highlighted the significance of our stories, patients stories and how much joy and reassurance they can give us when we may be unwell and have dementia, to give the time, to give patients and share this with them”

– Audience Responses