Performance showreel (2019) :

Trailer for ‘Beam’Video created by Joseph Priestley :

A short film summarising ‘Ruido’Video created by Sam Drake :

A film of the intergenerational project ‘We Danced’ in Sheffield :

Performance show reel (2014) :

Trailer for ‘The Little Love Cabaret’ by Spiltmilk Dance :

Video of ‘Cityscapes’ with the Dance Network Sheffield in collaboration with choreographer Gerry Turvey. Video created by Biztar Productions :

Trailer for ‘Rudra’ by Manasamitra Productions, choreographed by Sonia Sabri. Filmed at the York Minster (2013)  :

Performed and collaborated with dance artist Alys North on contemporary dance piece ‘this is how Brian was born’ (2013) :

A compilation showreel of performance work whilst studying at the Scottish School of Contemporary Dance (2009 – 2012) :

Timelapse video of a 90 minute workshop delivered in Amloi village, Rajasthan, India as part of the community work delivered with TheCreateTrust charity (2014) :

‘Playtime in the Dark’ is a short film of a Grimms-inspired dance piece exploring the eternal loneliness of three abandoned puppets. The dance is a snapshot into the life they lead and is as playful as it is deluded and melancholic. Written and choreographed by Lucy. Co-directed by Dylan Drummond and Lindsay Brown (Stray Seal) and produced by the Dundee-based JAM Film Collective (2012) :