What We Said To Danny In The Strip Club

Liverpool. A stripclub. A man called Danny.

Lucy and Allie went to a stripclub in Liverpool. A trip necessicated by the fact that all Sheffield stripclubs are closed. The weekend away was for research purposes, but became so much more. The two collaborators found their muse and their creative voices. And laughed so hard.

Mixing genres from reportage-style theatre, storytelling, an explicit soundtrack and dancing, What We Said To Danny In The Strip Club tells the story of this night. It is a homage to the badass women working in the stripclub, and an examination of gender, power and employment. The performance challenges audience assumptions on the explicit performing body and reaffirms Lucy and Allie’s own pleasures in showing off and taking the spotlight. 

What We Said To Danny In The Strip Club is a collaboration between Lucy and visual artist Allie Carr. Together, Lucy and Allie received the Jerwood Arts 1:1 fund to develop a genre-defying collaborative practice drawing on Allie’s academic and art experience and Lucy’s choreographic practice exploring a shared interest in women’s bodies on display.

Performance of What We Said To Danny In The Strip Club at Derby Theatre’s In Good Company’s scratch night, June 2022. Photography by One Brown Bear