end of the notebook?

The time has come to start a blog. To begin my blog. To write. I have thought about starting a blog on various occasions during the past year (usually when I’m creating or have seen other peoples work that’s provoked/inspired me) and I have now decided to give it a go as part of my website. Writing reflections & thoughts in my notebook is great but no one reads them but me. This isn’t a bad thing, if no one reads this blog I won’t lose sleep over it (not much stands in the way of me and the recommended daily 8 hours) but I believe by sharing my thoughts I will be constructively helping myself. The current situation with the notebook is jumbled sentences, no structure, vagueness, rambles….. By writing this blog I will have to structure an articulated cohesive entry, whereby helping myself to make intelligible sense of what I am saying (just in case anyone does read it). I believe that the thought process of writing the blog will aid my digestion, if you like, of my own thoughts. (Just from writing this paragraph I now have a better understanding as to why I had the idea in the first place).

Is this the end of the notebook? No, it isn’t. Having the physicality of pen and paper gives me comfort. The same reason why I haven’t switched to a Kindle from the good old fashioned hard paper back dusty 2nd hand travelled around book. Perhaps the notebook will become middleman between brain and mac screen. Anyroad, it’s a new medium for me.

So lets begin…