Project RUIDO – Day 1

Can’t believe Project Ruido has Arts Council funding. Today it starts.

We have lift off. Third time lucky.

I feel excited, over joyed about this project. But the giddiness – or what giddiness? – lasted only a few minutes in my kitchen the evening I heard it was a YES. Once I’d shared the news with parents and partner, the immediate ones, it was very quickly replaced with a practical calmness.

A readiness, strength, determination, the attitude shift, switching the mindset on to:


I was telling someone yesturday about the project and they asked if I will need to motivate or push myself to get into the studio over the next few months as its a solo project? An interesting question, one I hadn’t even considered. Anyone whose applied to ACE will know the detail and clarification thats necessary before the project can even begin. Project Ruido began for me two years ago. I had the idea, did the initital residency, shared what was created at 2 platfroms, applyed twice unsucessfully to ACE, took the 10 minute piece to two workshops for discussion and development with other artists (one of which in the beautiful mountains of Apan, Mexico). Two years of this steady marching forwards towards the goal of “getting the ACE… maybe one day…. imagine that….” The work is ready to be made, I am ready no, hungry to make this work.

The answer: No, I don’t need to motivate myself. Its there. 100%

So the project…..

‘Ruido’ translation = ‘Noise’ in Spanish

Ruido is a project exploring language, its barriers and how these barriers affect communication. I have 8 community groups on board, 4 academics who research in the areas of neuroscience, linguistics and language acquistion and a number of creatives including a sound artist and artistic mentor. I am also working with a BSL collaborator and will be returing to Sheffield Univeristy Sign Language Society where I hope to take Level 1 and 2 examinations during this project. All these componenets make up the project and I’m looking forward to meeting and working with everyone involved.

Today I go over all the pencil marks in the diary with black pen, confirming for myself and others involved that its happening. I am interested and intrigued as to what is going to happen over the next 6 months where I can absorb myself totally into this world and I’ve never been more ready to jump in.

Today the 26th September 2016, I’m at the very beginning. Day 1. What shape will this project have taken in 6 months? What performance will I be presenting? How will I feel about this work? The people involved?

Jumping into the unknown. Day 1. Bring it on.