The Golden Lake


By Brian, Margaret, Shirley, Amy, George, Doris, Kay, Margaret, Joyce, Morah, Kathleen, Rebecca & Lucy


I think it’s interesting

It’s glowing like the sun

It’s smooth, spectacular and shimmering


I think it’s sparkly

It’s a dress that would suit you twirling around,

You in the middle and it swirling round you

A smooth spectacular golden lake


You live here

A sparkling face in the middle like a golden sun

Very interesting, delightful

Do I live here?

Definitely, with me!


It makes big ripples

Oh gosh, I don’t know!

The ripples of a beautiful stream 

It matches your hairstyle, the beautiful curve like the waves of the sea


It smells like gold!

In places it can be a horrible smell, depends on what your doing 

I don’t really know!


The glitter smells around this area, from the original one

Like you’re cooking christmas dinner

That’s a nice smell, I enjoyed that


It’s tidal

It lives in the middle of a beautiful lake, on the beach


The End