The Art V Admin battle

Catch up but be present

Be present but keep on top

Keep on top but be in the moment

Be in the moment but don’t get behind

Don’t get behind but go with the flow

Go with the flow but don’t reply late

Don’t reply late but stay true to yourself

Stay true to yourself but clear the inbox

Clear the inbox but take time for yourself

Take time for yourself but send that email

Send that email but prioritise making art

Prioritise making art but do’t ignore people

Don’t ignore people but keep true to your vision

Keep true to your vision but do your invoices

Do your invoices but paint a water colour


Paint a watercolour but do the report

Do the report but dance to the music

Dance to the music but plan the next session

Plan the next session but sit down and meditate

Sit down and meditate but check your diary

Check your diary but go for a run

Go for a run but follow up with so and so

And so and so

And so and so

And so and so…