Poetry Slam

Last week I went to my first poetry slam. I’ve never written or read poetry before and always felt it wasn’t for me and that I wouldn’t get it. But I enjoy new learning experiences and would like to do more writing so I thought why not? Plus a creative friend who I admire had recommended it. Suffice to safe I was well outside my comfort zone. I could feel my heart beating faster as the facilitator began to explain what we would be doing. She was very encouraging of everyone and it was comforting to be in a small group. When it came to the time of us writing our own poetry I kept hearing familiar phrases like ‘creativity is individual’, ‘there is no right or wrong’, ‘it’s ok to be out your comfort zone’ and ‘anything goes’ and I realised I say the exact same words in my sessions.

It doesn’t matter the creative outlet – movement, words, music, drawing – everyone has a comfort zone and to find creativity we must venture out. We have to open ourselves up to possibilities in order to make those discoveries. Years ago I read Finding Your Element by Sir Ken Robinson, who also delivered the most watched TED talk about finding your creativity:

I enjoyed finding my creativity and voice in a creative outlet that wasn’t within my ‘skill range’ and it was good to be reminded of how other people may feel in my sessions.

Lie back your head, cupped in my hands. Let your soft body be naked and stand at the gates between paradise and earth. I will hold you. Together we will see the tall trees of this new world.

Shaken it comes to you. Walking slowly out of the depths of the shadows and asks how did you know? To be stood here clam and solid. Breathing the deep air that fills your lungs. You look out. What happened.