Playlist of Joy

I don’t know about you but I’ve never spent so much time on my phone. These past few weeks I’m spending more time online, chatting to family and friends but also on the look out for those videos and clips that are heart warming, joyful and downright hilarious. I’ve seen loads of great content online which I want to remember and can rewatch when I need a pick up in the future (hopefully not for the same reasons as right now).

So I thought I’d create a playlist of my favourite online videos that have brought me a few moments of joy, hilarity and connection in the last few weeks. This is a tribute, appreciation and thank you to people and their wonderful creativity. Some of the videos are my go-to cheer up full of joy classics and others are ones that have been created or I have discovered in the last few weeks:

Enjoy 🙂


  1. Beyonce Thomas the Tank Engine – my number 1 go to vid will always be this remix:

2. Baby walks as a chicken – well it is easter:

3. All Saints ft Jeremy Vine – I first heard this in the car last year and couldn’t believe what I was hearing. It is literally one of the best things I’ve ever heard. Am I easily pleased? I don’t think so. This is pure gold:

4. I was sent the Family Lockdown Boogie by a friend living in New Zealand as it got quite the buzz over there. I can see why. I particularly enjoy the costume changes and attention to detail with this:

5. Speaking of costume choices, check out the quirky choreography in this advert Wildewoman for clothing brand Eileen Fisher:

6. Viral Marsh family performs new Les MisĂ©rables number “One Day More” – they could have butchered this but they didn’t, well done gang. As a Les Mis fan there’s always a concern with these ones. No need here! It’s pure fantastic:

7. We Should All Be Feminists – TED talk by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie – I was sent this on a Female Leaders Message Of Support email chain. I was grateful for receiving this:

8. Hugging You by Tom Rosenthal feat Billie Marten – I think anyone watching this right now would appreciate its bitter suite beauty:

9. Gemma Collins does asmr – I’ll just leave this here:

10. La Patin Libre: Vertical – For anyone that spends time with me around the time of the Winter Olympics knows I get particularly obsessed with the figure skating. So when I found this stunning film through a tweet on twitter, well it just about made my day:

11. After watching the above film I must have subconsciously jumped to Torvill and Dean & then jumped from there to Bolero because I used it for the entire of my online dance session yesterday (April 22nd). After the session one of my participants sent me the following film: Mass Bolero – A Tribute To Torvill & Dean and it is wonderful! Enjoy:

12. The Princess Diana tribute that has divided opinion: I was telling a producer about a show I’m working on called Our Diana and where the inspiration for the idea came from. I take so much joy in sharing this clip with people:

13. Children interrupt BBC News Interview – As soon as we began working from home and zooming, this video from a few years back sprang to mind. It puts such a smile on my face:


I’ll keep updating this list as more come to mind…