Dear Louise


Meet my friend Louise

I’ll be back Monday

Hi Louise

Lovely to meet you

Great you’re interested in the classes

I’ve added you to the mailing list

Thanks for this

Hope to be with you Wednesday

Zoom shut me out of this afternoon’s class 

No idea why

I didn’t just abandon you all


Tricky technology!

Sorry about that!

I was speaking with Clare yesterday

It dawned on me that you are Louise the playwright

When you messaged I thought I recognised your name

I did one of your plays at school


And I went to High Storrs

Where she told me you went

I found my book of 4 of your plays

It was on the shelf

I’d been carrying it round since I left school

And Tissue has my notes

Performed it at school

A lovely circle

Now we are dancing together

Thank you for the inspiration 

16 year old me

And for now



That’s me

Not sure I’d describe what I am doing as dancing

I’m mostly counting

Making some attempt to copy you

I have no muscle memory

In my body

I did get thrown out of dance class when I was about 6 for ‘trying too hard’

At High Storrs I was told I couldn’t be a writer

I think they have a better attitude towards the arts nowadays

You are definitely dancing!

I’m glad you didn’t listen 

Won’t make it today

I’m back in hospital

They’ve put me on a drip

Won’t have run through by two

Oh no

Give it a go with the drip in

Don’t think that would be the best idea

Hope you’re feeling better soon